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We picked 350 as the target number of species because 350 parts per million represents the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere above which dangerous climate change becomes very likely, see here. October 24 witnessed an unprecedented International Day of Climate Action organised by, an innovative internet-based organisation, and the Challenge was one of over 5 000 climate awareness events held in over 180 countries on that day.

We'd like to thank all the photographers for their overwhelming response and the team of volunteers who worked through many nights to get these images on the web. For a behind-the-scenes peek at the action, click here.

Since the Challenge was planned and pulled off in an extremely short time (less than 3 weeks from concept to completion) by volunteers, the process was slightly chaotic. Extra bird pictures can be found in the overflow mosaic gallery; please enjoy the homemade-ness of that secondary display, as we have not yet had time to tidy it up.

All those who contributed images are welcome to send us one last photograph, this time of themselves, if possible in action on that fateful Saturday, and we will post them on the photographer mosaic gallery. We'll be off to Madagascar very soon though, so if you'd like them posted soon, please send them by 14h00 on Thursday 29 October with full caption information in the body of the email to (photos received after this time will likely only be posted by the end of November)

The 350 team

Download the 350 song here!

Click here to see the list of submitted species