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Carbon Footprint

If you’d like to positively contribute to your carbon footprint during the 350 event, we recommend these projects:

Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge’s Greening Project

Kurisa Moya

R50 plants 1 tree. Please email for the project’s banking details.
Tell Lisa of Kurisa Moya how many miles you’ll drive and she’ll calculate how many trees would offset this.
For example, Dickey Bird wishes to photograph the elusive Cape Hunting Duck for the 350-24-24 Bird Photo Challenge. He’ll use about 100 l petrol. Kurisa Moya estimates this would require planting about 26 trees, which would offset his emissions after 1 year.


Your donation to Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge’s Greening Project, enables us to plant indigenous trees at a rural school or clinic nearby, providing shade and beautifying these often barren places. This greening project is linked up to the schools’ enviro clubs and promotes eco-thinking in rural areas. Kurisa Moya supports a locally-run nursery growing indigenous trees. Improve the natural environment for future generations, extend our birding habitats and make our world a little greener. Contact us at for more details or have a look at

Kurisa Moya guests donate trees to green Masia Lama School

Kurisa Moya guests donate trees to green Masia Lama School

More info:
Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge is a 422 hectare property near Magoebaskloof in the Limpopo Province. Perched on the edge of the Drakensburg escarpment, this soulful place embraces a pristine indigenous forest with massive moss-covered forest trees and ancient Yellow-woods. There is something powerfully restorative in being surrounded by ancient trees in an indigenous forest and by being in a tranquil place. There are very few places these days where you can drive for a few hours, stay for a weekend and return to real life with a feeling that your spirit is full to the brim and that the world is a magical place.

Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge has recently been selected as one of the Rough Guides’ Top 501 Eco-lodges in the world and is one of a handful of Birder Friendly Establishments which have been assessed as environmentally and socially conscious and responsible. As custodians of pristine indigenous forest and other sensitive habitats, it is essential to put policies in place which ensure that these environments are preserved and protected. Following an Environmental Management Plan means that staff, guests and management all work towards a common goal of responsible tourism. Amongst other things, Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge is electricity-free, water conscious and has worked on a small footprint in all the lodges. Refuse is separated and recycled, while the compost from the organic matter is used on the vegetable garden whose fresh produce is enjoyed by staff and guests.

AfriCarbon’s Indigenous Thicket Restoration


For 350-24-24 Bird Photo Challenge, AfriCarbon can arrange for 10 spekboom cuttings to be planted to restore degraded thicket for R100. Please see more information or frequently asked questions on or email

Overgrazing by goats has transformed vast areas of the dense, forest-like, thicket vegetation of the Eastern Cape into an open, desert-like system, and in the process more than 100 tonnes of carbon per hectare has been lost to the atmosphere. AfriCarbon transforms vast areas in the Eastern Cape of South Africa from a highly degraded state to its former pristine state with a dense, luxuriant growth of indigenous trees and shrubs. Restoration of the desertified land and the recapturing of the carbon can be achieved in a highly cost-effective manner by planting cuttings of the common indigenous tree Portulacaria afra known as spekboom. This has been fully substantiated by scientific evidence from planting trials during the past 30 years. AfriCarbon plays the role of catalyser, facilitator, advisor, investor and participant in the restoration of degraded thicket and the generation of carbon credits, depending on the needs of the restoration project concerned. For more information, please visit or email



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